Michael Skinnider

MD/PhD student, University of British Columbia

I am a MD/PhD student at the University of British Columbia, where my research in the lab of Dr. Leonard Foster focuses on the development of bioinformatic methods to interrogate the protein-protein interactome. I entered the program in September 2015, and recently completed the second year of the medical curriculum.

I previously completed a Bachelors of Arts and Science with a minor in biochemistry at McMaster University, where I worked in the lab of Dr. Nathan Magarvey for two and a half years. My undergraduate research focused on the development of bio- and cheminformatic methods for natural product drug discovery. I developed PRISM, a web application which predicts the structures of microbial natural products from genomic data, and GNP, a web application which locates genetically predicted natural products in MS/MS data.

In my spare time, I run, bike, and produce electronic music. I’ve also worked as a web designer and music journalist.

You can contact me at michaelskinnider [at] gmail [dot] com, and find me on Google Scholar or Pubmed.